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Thank you for your donation towards
a more equitable Chicago

Contributions will support financially burdened individuals
and families overcome the hardships associated with the
COVID-19 health crisis and NHS’ ongoing work on the
South and West sides of Chicago.

NHS is on the frontlines of keeping Chicago families housed, increasing homeownership for people of color, revitalizing the South and West sides of Chicago, and closing the racial wealth gap.
We are:

  • Providing support and expert guidance for families experiencing a loss of income and potential foreclosure due to the global pandemic;
  • Building wealth for families through counseling homeowners and homebuyers in purchasing and retaining a home;
  • Challenging racism in existing institutional structures’ regulations, processes and legacy policies; and,
  • Increasing community resources and resilience.

Together, we can support our neighbors through challenging times and foster vibrant and safe places to live throughout Chicagoland

Your donation, no matter how large or small, will make an impact. Thank you for your generosity.

Why I give to NHS

Bruce Gottschall

NHS, as a champion of homeownership for families, is fulfilling an extremely important role that strengthens neighborhoods and families. NHS has led in this effort even in very difficult times and is to be commended and supported for this. Individual support of NHS is an essential way that helps NHS maintain its important independence to continue to pursue its mission.

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