Tirelessly challenging systemic barriers & increasing access to resources & homeownership opportunities for people of color.

What Drives Our Work

Black and Brown homebuyers have been historically denied equal access to homeownership through intentional financial tools and government policies. This includes past practices such as redlining and contract buying, and continues today with higher mortgage loan denial rates, home appraisal inequity, risk-based loan pricing, and opaque credit scoring procedures.

Today’s data shows that unequal access to credit is the driving force perpetuating the homeownership and racial wealth gap.

39% Of Black And 48.9% Of Latino Families Own Their Homes, While 74% Of White Families Own Their Homes

NHS Chicago is dedicated to closing this racial homeownership gap through policy advocacy, research, and education. Our lending and education products are designed to address these barriers.

Source : National Association of Realtors

Black Families Have 1/10th The Net Worth Of White Families

We work to address these barriers. Over 90% of our clients are people of color.

Source : National Association of Realtors

Housing Policy Task Force

More than 20 prominent Chicago community development and policy organizations work together to address complex housing issues affecting Chicagoland and especially primarily Black and Hispanic/Latino neighborhoods.

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