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Financial empowerment strategies for wealth building and economic growth in our communities

Build Generational Wealth

Ready to get off the sidelines? Now is your chance. Our new “The Next Level” Financial Empowerment Program is designed to support you on the path to creating wealth. Led by experts in real estate, finance, and entrepreneurship, you’ll have free access to resources found nowhere else.

Upcoming Courses


Are You Ready to be a Landlord?

This two-part series will highlight key things to know about what it takes to be a landlord, and if that is something you are ready for. Part one will cover an overview of what you need to know about being a landlord and the financing of buying a 2-4 unit building. Part two will cover what it takes to run your business and all of the legal information you need to know. Presented by Erica Myles from Community Investment Corporation and Desiree Rideaux, Community and Economic Development expert.

6PM - 8PM

Owner-Occupant Landlord Training

NHS Chicago and CIC are now offering an online Micro-Learning Owner-Occupant Landlord Training course to help you navigate the complexities of the rental industry. This three-hour training session will provide the necessary information to ensure you follow all tenant screening, owner and tenant rights and responsibilities, Landlord-Tenant relationships, and fair housing laws and regulations. You’ll also gain insight into the recommended measures to avoid common rental headaches – perfect for newcomers unfamiliar with the rental industry.

9AM - 12PM

Investing in Financial Markets

Buying property is not the only way to build wealth for your future. In this workshop, we will cover the basics of investing, review stocks, bonds and mutual funds, talk through the fluctuations of the market, and learn more about investing for your retirement. Join us if you are interested in taking that first step toward investing in financial markets. Presented by Christina Ferrer of Be Your Best Financial.


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Investing in Real Estate

  • Becoming a 2-4 flat owner and landlord
  • Investing in multi-unit rental properties
  • Property management

Investing in Financial Markets

  • Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
  • Portfolio management
  • Purchasing investments


  • Developing a business plan
  • Business start-up and financing
  • Business operations

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