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The NLS Opportunity: Rooted in neighborhoods, investing in people.


We’re committed to providing an equitable path towards homeownership for all.

Company Overview

Established in 1987, Neighborhood Lending Services (NLS), the lending affiliate of Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago (NHS), provides mortgage lending to new and existing homeowners in low-to moderate-income communities throughout the greater Chicago area, with a particular focus on economically distressed neighborhoods on the south and west sides of Chicago. The average loan size in NHS target communities is typically under $185,000, resulting in NLS being one of the primary lenders available to homebuyers in these communities. In addition, many 1-4 unit properties suffer from deferred maintenance and considerable deterioration resulting in the need for significant rehabilitation to be brought up to code and made habitable. NLS is able to finance both the purchase and rehabilitation of these properties, allowing borrowers to build wealth, enhance the physical condition of the neighborhood, and ultimately help to attract additional private investment to these communities. 


The Participation, Sale and Servicing Agreement (PSSA), also known as the Loan Pool, provides an innovative structure to help financial institutions meet Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) requirements in communities where the demand for credit cannot be met. The shared-risk investment offers a reasonable return for investing financial institutions while expanding lending in communities that continue to experience low property values, which limits mortgage lending and keeps conventional lenders on the sidelines.

This year, 2019, marks the seventh time in 17 years that NHS has embarked on the Loan Pool capital raise with the goal of raising $50 million in residential mortgages loaned. To find out more about how your institution can empower people and strength communities through homeownership, contact us.