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Grant Programs

Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago (NHS) receives funds from the City of Chicago, Cook County, and others to provide grants to eligible homeowners to improve the health, safety, affordability, and functionality of their homes. Grants are available for low-to-moderate income households in targeted areas of Chicago for specific categories of repairs or other needs (e.g. exterior rehab or flood prevention). Each year a limited number of grants are available for each program.

NHS Chicago's Grant Programs

City of Chicago


Targeted Home Improvement

The Targeted Home Improvement Grant covers exterior home repairs for homeowners in 10 of the City of Chicago’s Micros Market Recovery Program (MMRP) Areas, as well as the Woodlawn and North Lawndale Community areas, that fall within the below eligible income limits:

City of Chicago Area Median Income Chart:

Household Size12345678910
80% AMI$58,350$66,700$75,050$83,350$90,050$96,700$103,400$110,050$116,700$123,400

(Area Median Income (AMI) for the Chicago Metropolitan Area effective as of April 18, 2022, per the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.)

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Woodlawn Long-Term Homeowner Repair Grant Program

The Woodlawn Long-Term Homeowner Repair Grant Program provides eligible homeowners in the Woodlawn neighborhood with up to $20,000 for exterior home repairs and costs. Note: The $20,000 includes architectural, permit, and other costs.

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Additional Dwelling Units

Generate extra income by turning your basement, attic, or garage into a rental unit with the help of the City of Chicago's Additional Dwelling Unit planning and construction grants.

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Other Grants


R3: Restore, Reinvest, Renew Critical Home Improvement Program (CHIP)

The R3: Restore, Reinvest, Renew Critical Home Improvement Program (CHIP) is an initiative in partnership with the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority to improve neighborhoods by addressing two root issues of our housing infrastructure: deferred maintenance and generational homeownership.

  • Contribute to the elimination of racial wealth gap barriers by maintaining and responsibly transferring homeownership within the community
  • Decrease the cost of homeownership in low to moderate-income homes
  • Contribute to the decrease of abandoned property due to heirship issues

Program participants are required to attend education and counseling sessions to help improve overall financial and housing stability. Required education components must be completed for activation of grant funds.

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Cook County


No Cook County Home Improvement Grant Programs are currently available.