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Construction Servicesstrong, safe, desirable, and affordable housing.

We help homeowners through the entire home repair process. From finding contractors to making sure your home is safe and secure. Our construction specialists have more than 150 years of combined experience working in the construction field. They make sure all homes meet Housing Quality Standards (HQS).

What Does a Construction Specialist Do?

  • Creates a detailed scope of work for you
  • Assists in finding qualified contractors to complete construction work
  • Assists in procuring project estimates and proposals
  • Available to you throughout the construction to answer questions
  • Provides construction escrow services
  • Inspects work to ensure quality

Getting a loan from Neighborhood Lending Services, Inc. (NLS) to fix your home may include the following services:

Home Repair & Rehabilitation

Our construction specialists help estimate your home repair needs. Then they work with you to create solutions.

If you need to replace your roof, add a new room, or make your home safer, our construction services team has the skills and experience to help you get the job done.

Lead Safe Homes Initiative

Our construction specialists are certified to check for the risk of lead-based paint. They have experience making homes environmentally safe and compliant with local building codes.

Home Safety Awareness

Home safety inspections make sure your home meets Fire Department and Building Code requirements.

Our construction specialists will inspect your property for health and safety issues. After the inspection, they’ll provide a detailed list of items that need to be corrected prior to the closing of your loan.

Free Home Maintenance & Energy Efficiency Workshops

We provide workshops on home maintenance and improving the efficiency of your home. Our construction specialists are trained energy auditors.

They can explain how to do anything from installing insulation to remodeling a bathroom.

Greening Your Home

Find out how to reduce your energy bills while making your home safer and healthier for your family. We show you how sustainable building practices can be environmentally efficient and affordable.
More about our"Practical Green ® Initiative"

Chicago Home Safety Partnership

Prevent safety hazards in your home with loans, grants, education, and preventative services through the Chicago Home Safety Partnership (CHSP).
Learn how to make my home safe

Save money and learn how to Do-It-Yourself.

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