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NHS Redevelopment Corporation


Liens Available

NHS Redevelopment Corporation (NHSRC) focuses on redeveloping properties, repairing properties, and addressing blight in Chicago. We serve as a “Receiver” for the Cook County Court, by overseeing court-ordered repairs intended to protect communities and properties.

*The information below is posted to assist community-minded property developers and investors. It is not intended for situations where a property owner lives in the property. If you own and live in a property and believe NHSRC holds a lien on your home, please contact Jackie Sheard at or 773 329-4165 for NHS to guide you through your options.

The dashboard below shows properties which NHSRC holds an active receiver’s lien. These liens are the result of building repair costs and other activities performed under Cook County Housing court-appointed receivership as part of the City of Chicago’s Troubled Buildings Initiative program. NHSRC DOES NOT OWN these properties and cannot sell them to anyone.

Why might you be interested in these liens?

  • If you are the property owner, you may wish to address these liens against your property through payment (lien payoff) or an agreement with NHSRC in order to clear title.
  • If you are acquiring a property and find a lien against it, addressing the lien will be necessary to clear the title to the property and complete the sale. 
  • If you are interested in acquiring the property, the lien can be acquired and foreclosed upon to acquire the property. 


Use the maps below to identify properties that you are interested in acquiring or that you already own. Then review the lien options and next steps shown below the maps  

*This map does not show properties where the property owner resides in the property.

Lien Activity Options:

  • Payoff Lien
    • For release of lien
  • Assignment of Lien to Another Entity
    • Through purchase in full
    • Through agreement for reduction of lien (requires occupant affordability at 80% AMI)
  • Release of Lien Through Agreement with NHSRC
    • Discuss an agreement for release or assignment of lien at reduced price (requires occupant affordability at 80% AMI)


Next Steps
To Request a Payoff Letter
: Contact Jackie Sheard at NHSRC at or 773-329-4165

To Request All Other Lien Activities: CLICK HERE for a fillable PDF Lien Activity Application form. Follow the instructions on bottom of pdf to submit the lien activity request form

Once a lien activity request form is received by NHSRC staff, someone will reach out to confirm next steps for the activity type you have indicated. All activity on a NHSRC receiver’s lien must be approved by the City of Chicago.


For any additional lien inquiries or if you believe that NHSRC has a lien on the property you own, please contact Jackie Sheard at or 773 329-4165.